Paşa imrek

He was born in Hilvan,Şanlıurfa, Turkey. He received the B.E degree in Faculty of Agriculture and then started his education in Sociology but he left it. He did not take any education for photography. He created his work as he improved himself. He worked as a director or a founder member for various organizations and platforms. He continues his photography career as a member of MEFSAD (Mesopotamia Organization of Photography and Cinema Amateurs) and RED Photography Group and also a freelance photographer. His works generally includes socio-realistic and social matters. He takes photos of immediate cases by walking around streets with his analog camera. He has got involved in many mixed exhibitions locally and abroad. His photos were released in different magazines and newspapers. Also, He has done a lot of photography presentations. He won some awards locally. He followed closely part of the f immigrants and refugees during Syrian War. He witnessed dramas of refugees on the border and took photos of tent cities. Furthermore, he took photos of dramas of Gipsy. He went to Syria and reflected the ruined face of Kobani by the way of his photos. 

Personal exhibitions; 

“Deq” the Paris Kurdish İnstitute, Paris-france, 

“Nomads” Can baste art house, Barcelona-Spain, 

“A school in kobani” the Barr Objektif Festival, Bourdeaux-France, 

“War and migration” digital exhibition in Somerset House, London-England.



National Geographic Magazine,  IZ Magazine


Awards in international competitions also received degrees;

Sony World photography awards_Shortlist_Current Affairs & News Professional photo category 2017